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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some places that you can spend your money wisely, heheheeh SALE la apa lagi!

 Pumpkin Patch is having 50% off.

 Adam Kids too.

Warehouse, baju cantik2 sgt, and one more, i think i forgot to take picture la,  Dorotty Perkins.

Enjoy shopping girls. 


kambingaku said...

Mothercare sale x skang? Ada x baju mcm tahun lepas less smpai 50%?

ceritacherita said...

mothercare tak de sale la skrg except they having a carvinal only at KLCC on 28 -29 May 2011.

These are the list that on sale. Not muchla kalau u nak beli baju. baju only 20%.

spring Summer Clothing – 20% Off

Nappy Cream – 50% Off

Mothercare Micro Steriliser Pod – 50% Off

Avent Single Electric Breast Pump – 50% Off

First Years Swing Tray Booster – 30% Off

Mothercare High Chair – 50% Off

Deluxe Gliding Crib – 50% Off

Mothercare Whizzi Stroller – 50% Off

Ferrari Stroller – 40% Off

Graco Logical Metro Carseat – 50% Off

Halford Premier Zeus Carseat – 30% Off

kambingaku said...

Thanks a lot..:-)

kambingaku said...

adams kids ni katne ek? Smlm jalan2 kat mv takde pun..


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