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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

N Lemak Antarabangsa + Pavilion + Stage + Kasut + Sale + Guess handbangs & AF9 = in one day

 Pagi2 a quick date with my hubby for breakfast, Nasi Lemak Antarbangsa, we had it in Kampung Baru as this is the actual place before they open other branches.  The taste sedap, tapi nasi tu agak kering sgt, should be a little bit moist for my liking.

 This is what i had telur goreng + sotong.

 Ada a few mat saleh yg makan nasi lemak that day,  tahan gak pedas diorg ni ya.

 After that my hubby drop me off at the place that i MISS SO MUCH and i LOVE SO MUCH mana lagi, PAVILION. Such a nice decoration infront of the entrance.

 Tengok bag gucci ni kat cermin, terus jatuh hati kalau boleh nak beli utk jadikan travel bag.  Hehehehe bila tu?

 Had my lunch with my bff,  steal her lunch hour for a while. And after that i continue with my window shopping journey.

 Oh I don't mind walking alone, lagi suka walking alone if i want to search something,  tak payah nak kena fikir pasal org lain at that time.  But of course i do love shopping with my friends too.

 The shoes are so tempting buy 1 free 1 and it's only RM109, but so sad, i tried size 35 it was so tight, try pulak 36 but longgar. oh sedihnya, itu la sbb aku ni tak de kasut yg byk, sbb size susah nak mampus.

 And then i move on to parkson, and i saw adams kid having a 50%-70% off, Baju2 kat Adams Kid ni ok2la,  utk umur baby - 1 year okla la lagi, tapi above that mcm tak berapa nak cantik.

 For those who have kids that love Hannah Montana & High school, go and check it out, 70% off

 I love Ed Hardy so much, tapi rega mahalan sgt kan for baju,  handbag, wallet okla not bad, yay i'm waiting for my Ed Hardy wallet to arrive from US, lambatnya rasa.  Well, itu botol susu for your kids, it's BPA free ok,  price, i don't dare to look at it, go & check out yourself.

 Look at the pink color handbag, it's from Guess, so sweet kan.

 At Isetan.  I have a quick glance on these handbags on the way to the LRT.  It's already 3pm man, and i need to reach setiawangsa by 4 to see the Diary AF.

I already blog about Diary AF earlier right, that's the end of my jalan2 sorang2 that day.  Best sgt.  Hope to do it again.


yatie said...

rindu plak nak jln sengsorang

ceritacherita said...

jln sorang sekali sekala best gak kan.


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