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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Come and have your lunch at Monte's Bangsar

 I had my lunch the other day at Monte's, such a lovely place & have a nice food.

 Nice environment.  Tapi for those smoker i don't think they like it,  hhehehe sbb tak de open air.

 But if you want to have a quick lunch with a very nice food  & affordable try their set lunch.  It's only cost you below RM30.  Mula2 they will serve you with this soft bun & soup, sedap gila.

 Then you can choose your main course, there are only 3 types of main course in their set lunch.  I had burger & my friend had beef something-something, sorry i forgot the name ya.  They serve very fast, tak payah tunggu lama2 eventhough ramai org.

And the dessert is ice cream, and after that you can choose to drink tea or coffee, sorry no picture,  Isn't it a great deal of Set lunch right.  Jom makan kat Monte's lagi.

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