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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Polkadot theme for Birthday party

As i browse thru searchhing for my personal project, i ternampak ni, oh gosh cantikknya.  Card kat atas tu terpikatnya, kalaula time nak kawin dulu i ternampak ni,  i would definately do, or should i plan for annivessary party.  hahahahah berangan.

Anyway i would like to suggest for those yg ada anak girl,  in future kalau i ada anak girl, i would do these polkadot theme for her birthday party.  Of course is not nice for birthday boy kan, all these polkadot thingy.  Tengok ni cantik sgtkan, from the invitation card.

To this lovely cupcakes & cakes.


and in trend apam nowdays.

The hat.

Cantik gila kan.  How i wish i would do this one day.  Julie, bday Alayna sempat lagi nak buat this coming Saturday. hehehehehe.

So cute kan,  rather than usual pink for girls.  Or even you can do this for aqiqah, it would be very cute for the little baby, i think kalau for aqiqah since it's baby, for baby boy pun should be ok.

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