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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Airil Mikhael is 3 today

 Very talented,  it's amazing,  org yg buat cake ni boleh lukis guna icing, i just told him that i want ben 10 cake, tadam he came out like this. cantik sgt kan.  You can find him at facebook :

 The bday boy getting ready for his party,  we celebrated his birthday one day earlier as today kan cuti.  So smlm celebrate kat nursery.

 Getting excited.

 Mengantuk pulak tunggu org set up his bday cake.

 Semua excited, biasala budak2 kan.

The handsome birthday boy, Happy birthday Airil Mikhael, semoga jadi anak yg baik, berbudi bahasa, bijak, pandai & segala yg terpuji.  I will always pray for you.

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