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Monday, May 30, 2011

A quick tag entry

I've been tag by nurul sometime ago, very long u know.  I forget to do until today only i remember, here you go, but sorry nurul, i cut a few questions.  hehehehehe

1) Do you think you are hot?
Yup I'm hot in my husband eyes i guess.  wooo hooo.

2) Upload the ID picture you're using nowdy

3)Tell something about the pictures
Is the profile pic that I used for my FB accounts currently. The pic was taken at my office.

4) When was the last time you ate chicken?
Huh chicken, why is it chicken, chicken mostly is everyday lauk la.  Anyway i just ate chicken yesterday, the one that i cooked.

5)Last song that you listen to?
I guess my ringing tone. ( boring)

6) Why did you do apart from trying to settle this tag?
Touch up some pictures that i want to upload (boring right)

7) What are your nicknames or other names?
Ana - My family & my school friends
Zana - My inlaws family & my friends
Baby - My friends
Kak Na - My sister, my cousin & my sister's friends
Kak Zana -  My niece & nephew from my husband side (hahahah perasan mudakan, well they the one who feels that i am very young to call aunty)
Wan Ana - My nephew
Aunty baby - By most of my friends children
Aunty Zana - My cucu sedara,  cucu panggil aunty kan,  see i am too yong to call opah beb.

Short, simple & nice kan.  Happy monday uolls


Mr Lonely said...

visits here with a smile.. =D

ceritacherita said...

mr lonely,



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