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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dare to try? LEX World’s Tallest Indoor Tube Slide at Empire Subang

50 meters long, 5-storeys high, 10 second ride

I wanted to try the other day,  tapi Aqil ada sekali, dia tengok aku naik sah2 dia nak naik gak.  It is for 6 old and above ya,  kalau tak silap la u must be 110 m height to take this ride.

Look exciting kan, it is RM12 per ride.

Where?  It is at Empire Subang 2nd Floor. 

Let's try guys.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's My 6th Wedding Anniversary


 It was on 27 Nov 2004 at 11 am, Alhamdulillah,  6 years yang sgt mengembirakan and i am blessed with 2 lovely children.

 This is the picture yg i citer kat u all the 1st time we all tangkap gambar berdua.

 And today is my receiption day pada 6 tahun yg lepas la.  Here are some pictures that i want to share with you guys for the very first time, tak pernah di publish anywhere, facebook pun tidak.

 The Pelamin

 Makan beradap

 Oh masa ni, berdebar sebenarnya, takut kaki terpeleot ke, aku ni dahla terkenal dgn suka terpeleot, tak de angin tak de ribut lantai  yg tak de lekuk2 pun boleh terpeleot.

Makan Beradap, berdebar takut tercomot ke masa makan.  Heheheheh.

Till we meet again with more pictures of my wedding in the next anniversary Insyallah.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kenapa perlu gelarkan org dengan BINATANG

Kenapa ada org yg suka panggil org dengan gelaran binatang?  I read some of the status in FB, kalau tak puas hati ke dgn org knp perlu gelar kan org tu. It will goes something like this.
”Kambing2 tu dah mula dah masuk bilik boss aku”
”Hanjeng2 yg mengutuk aku tu mmg tak sedar diri”
”Lembu2 yg menjadi pengikut”
”Monyet2 tu mmg tak sedar diri”

Entahla saya rasa sangat tidak selesa bila org mengelarkan org dgn panggillan binatang,  it just so rude.  Bagi saya la dengan mengutuk org2 lain dengan memberi gelaran sebegitu saya rasa anda adalah lagi teruk dr org yg anda rasa tadi teruk.

Saya tak de idea nak huraikan panjang2 about this.  Just ringkas & simple, and i just hope tak de lagi org2 yg suka mengelarkan org dengan nama binatang, Kita adalah makhluk Allah yg sempurna diciptakan olehNya.

Happy Friday & Happy Weekends.  I can’t wait for LUNCH today. Got dating with 2 gorgeous people.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

LV - Alma

 At first i wanted to have this.  Nice kan in red color.  Woohooo. Berangan!!!

But suddenly when i saw someone wearing this on last raya haji, i think this color is really gorgeous rather than the red want.  So i want this instead the red one.  Berangan lagi.

But when i google the LV - Alma image i saw this one,  and think this one is more gorgeous among the other two.  So i want to get this instead.  Hahahah Berangan lagi.  But this one i think limited edition right and it's no more in the market,  sorry if i'm wrong,  i'm not really sure about LV as i can't afford to buy it yet.  But soon i work on it baby, and one day i'm sure LV gonna be mine.

Happy handbags to all handbags-holic

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coach & Christmas at Empire

 I check keywords and i found out someonce is looking for Coach at Empire Subang.  Well, dear, Coach is not open yet at Empire Subang.

 But it will open soon,  date completion stated there is 15/12/2010.  So most probably they will open after that date i guess.  Stay tune org2 Subang, PJ, Shah Alam .... Coach will be coming next  to you, no need to go to KL anymore right.

And Xmas is coming to town,  Cantikkan diorng hias ni, mmg terasa mcm penuh dgn snow.  There's a train that you can ride too.

 Mommies can follow your kids too, don't worry. It is only RM2 per ride.  Adala dlm 3/4 pusingan dia buat.

And my handsome boy ride it on his own. dah besarkan nampak dia dlm gambar ni, and he look exactly like me, don't you think so?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BURBERRY for kids

 Kalaula ada anak girl & Kalaula berkemampuan for sure saya akan beli 2 baju ni, sangat cantik, sangat chic, sangat cool kan. Tapi apa kan daya dpt tengok sudah la.

Rega korang nak tau jugak ke?  Tau2 sendirila harga dia kan, Jealous tengok org yg masuk main ambik je apa yg dia nak.  rezeki dia kan.

 How i wish i can get that little beg down there for my travel bag, dia mmg kecik je, cukupla utk isi barang2 kepeluan harian, toiletries, make up, perfume, kasut, selipar, charger.  Hahahaha saya mmg jenis kalau travel bukan reti nak bawak sikit2, kalau boleh mcm2 nak bawak.

This is nice utk anak2 bawak gi sekolah, tapi cukup ke? budak2 skrg pergi sekolah mcm bawak batu kan?  Kalau tak boleh, bag ni cantik kalau mak2 yg ada baby letak segala barang baby yg perlu di bawak setiap kali keluar.  Saya masih ingat boss saya dulu selalu cakap,  "Baby ni,  orangnya kecil tapi barangnya byk sgt".  You are totally right, mmg pun byk.

 It comes with blue too.

 And black too. Cantikkan.

 Burberry shoes anyone?
 Ceritacherita pasal barang baby banyak utk dibawak setiap kali keluar, tiba2 teringat masa diorng ni kecik2, maka sajala letak gambar diorng.   saya tak suka nak bawak diaper bag semua tu, lebih suka bawak beg mcm yg jenis knapsack mcm BURBERRRY ni, lebih chic saya rasa. :)

Anyway do they look a like?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yummy Monday

It' raining on this Monday Morning, what a lovely day to start right?  Hahahaha. Anyone yg feel excited to work today.  I usually read status in FB, tweeter everyone is so lazy on Monday.  So to boost up your Monday mood, jom tengok gambar yummy food ni,  org yg suka makan mcm aku ni,  bila tengok makanan pun boleh rasa happy.

 Look a the cheese, it's so melting kan. This is Roast Beef Sandwich.  Sedap sgt.

 Ni pulak kuew teow curry,  pun yummy.

But this boy sian,  no yummy monday for him. He got an infection on his eye,  kalau org melayu kata ketumbit. Tula suka sgt ngintai mama mandi, kan dah kena.  Tapi dia kata tak sakit pun,  i think yala, his eye tak merah pun.

So Happy Monday to all.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jimmy Choo, Coach, Chloe, Luxury Watches, Perfumes - 22 -24 Nov

People it smells like a great sale,  u better take a leave if you wanna go because it's happening on weekdays. Oh Gosh!!!  I feel like want to go because i am looking for a new watch.  YES NO YES NO YES NO. emm.....

22-24 November 2010
Valiram Luxury Sale
Up to 70% Off

Valiram Luxury Sale is back!

Brands Offered

Jimmy Choo

Charles & Keith

Shanghai Tang






Naf Naf


Salvador Dali


Disney (kids’ fragrance)

and more

Products Offered

Luxury Watches

Perfurmes & Cosmetics


Fashion Apparels

and much more


Strictly no bags, helmets, food/drinks and cameras inside the venue

Goods sold are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable

Payment Terms

Visa Cards & Cash Only


Ballroom Level 2

Nikko Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Ampang

Kuala Lumpur


Friday, November 19, 2010

My 3rd little hero

 It' been quite sometime i didn't put any pictures of Syed Thaqif Shah,  Did i mentioned his name before.  Nope right?  This picture taken a few days before my sister "nitemare pantang" finish.  hahahahah

 He is already weight 3.55 kg.

 Aqil is so jealous towards him, especially if opah holding Thaqif, but Mikhael is very cool about it, he doesn't care at all.
On last Hari Raya Haji, the "nitemare pantang" ended 2 days before.  Be a good boy Thaqif.  I love you very much.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mothercare is having great SALE

 No traffic jam today, great.  My blog traffic also getting low at this end of the year.  I guess whenever school holiday starts, most of us also start to apply leaves as well right.  But the traffic of sale is getting higher & higher at the end of the year, that's why the YEAR END SALE already started.

 So guys start your engine now,  Mother Care is having sale right now, the above picture and this has 20% discount.

 This one is 30%.  Good bargain right?

 Socks mostly is 10% discount.

 This one i guess it's clearance socks which they put infront of the cashier,  30% discount.

 Sleepsuit & rompers all are having 10% only.  But there are 7 suits in one pack, it is really a very good bargain.

 Thomas t-shirt - 40%

 Spiderman too, 40%.

 Any costume of your kids,  30% off.

 Shoes 30% too.

 Maternity & Nursing bra 10% - 30%.  Mothercare nursing bra is very confortable.

 Tommee Tippe - 20%

 Stroller up to 40%.

Go and run to your nearest mothercare now.


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