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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New York Skin Solution facial thru Milk a deal

RM15 instead of RM300 for 2 HOURS of Double Cleansing & Double Hydrating Collagen Complex Facial Therapy + Deep Skin Analysis + Skin Care Products + RM300 Extra Treatment Voucher from New York Skin Solutions, Nationwide [95% OFF]

 RM15, wow murahnya for facial, i got it from Milk a deal, mestila excited kan dpt harga mcm tu.  Tapi huhuhu,  next time if you see any deal regarding facial la slimmingla, better don't go la.  After i finished the treatment they force me to sign up for their package of RM8,000.  Crazy ke?  They force like hell you know. Sapa2 yg jenis kesian for sure terkena punya. I guess ramai gak yg terkena. 

Thank God that saya bukan jenis mcm tu, kalau tak nak tu tak nak la, kau jgn nak paksa2 aku ya.  Really rimas tau, they keep on forcing you again and again and telling you that your skin have so much problem.  Saya nak kata skin saya ni smooth bagai putih telur tu tidak la, but so far i don't have any major problem, just dah umur nak dkt 40 ni i see my skin dah ada pigmentation, so i have to take extra care of my skin. Tapi to sign up sampai RM8,000 tu sungguh tak munasabah la.

Nak kata best sgt the facial tu idak la,  dia massage pun kejap sgt, like 2 minutes,  it's totally different kalau u pergi facial yg selalu kita pergi tu la,  ni main mcm asal boleh je. Well that's my experience.

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