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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Come and have your lunch at Monte's Bangsar

 I had my lunch the other day at Monte's, such a lovely place & have a nice food.

 Nice environment.  Tapi for those smoker i don't think they like it,  hhehehe sbb tak de open air.

 But if you want to have a quick lunch with a very nice food  & affordable try their set lunch.  It's only cost you below RM30.  Mula2 they will serve you with this soft bun & soup, sedap gila.

 Then you can choose your main course, there are only 3 types of main course in their set lunch.  I had burger & my friend had beef something-something, sorry i forgot the name ya.  They serve very fast, tak payah tunggu lama2 eventhough ramai org.

And the dessert is ice cream, and after that you can choose to drink tea or coffee, sorry no picture,  Isn't it a great deal of Set lunch right.  Jom makan kat Monte's lagi.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A quick tag entry

I've been tag by nurul sometime ago, very long u know.  I forget to do until today only i remember, here you go, but sorry nurul, i cut a few questions.  hehehehehe

1) Do you think you are hot?
Yup I'm hot in my husband eyes i guess.  wooo hooo.

2) Upload the ID picture you're using nowdy

3)Tell something about the pictures
Is the profile pic that I used for my FB accounts currently. The pic was taken at my office.

4) When was the last time you ate chicken?
Huh chicken, why is it chicken, chicken mostly is everyday lauk la.  Anyway i just ate chicken yesterday, the one that i cooked.

5)Last song that you listen to?
I guess my ringing tone. ( boring)

6) Why did you do apart from trying to settle this tag?
Touch up some pictures that i want to upload (boring right)

7) What are your nicknames or other names?
Ana - My family & my school friends
Zana - My inlaws family & my friends
Baby - My friends
Kak Na - My sister, my cousin & my sister's friends
Kak Zana -  My niece & nephew from my husband side (hahahah perasan mudakan, well they the one who feels that i am very young to call aunty)
Wan Ana - My nephew
Aunty baby - By most of my friends children
Aunty Zana - My cucu sedara,  cucu panggil aunty kan,  see i am too yong to call opah beb.

Short, simple & nice kan.  Happy monday uolls

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Lunch & Zara dress

 Is this look yummylicious?  Yes it is, Udang + sambal petai ikan bilis yg dah tak nampak sbb kena timbun dgn sayur + bergedil + sayur-sayuran.  Teringat zaman2 kt forum cari dulu, hari2 aku update what is my lunch,  and everybody will say emm sedapnya.  Ingat nak gak update kat blog what is my lunch everyday, tapi memandangkan kat sini hari2 makan tempat sama je,  sure boring nanti balik2 update makanan yg sama.

 and this too yummylicious, super yummylicious kan.  All the dress look so tempting.  It's a zara gals.

I feel like i want to grab it all.  Happy weekends and happy shopping.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New York Skin Solution facial thru Milk a deal

RM15 instead of RM300 for 2 HOURS of Double Cleansing & Double Hydrating Collagen Complex Facial Therapy + Deep Skin Analysis + Skin Care Products + RM300 Extra Treatment Voucher from New York Skin Solutions, Nationwide [95% OFF]

 RM15, wow murahnya for facial, i got it from Milk a deal, mestila excited kan dpt harga mcm tu.  Tapi huhuhu,  next time if you see any deal regarding facial la slimmingla, better don't go la.  After i finished the treatment they force me to sign up for their package of RM8,000.  Crazy ke?  They force like hell you know. Sapa2 yg jenis kesian for sure terkena punya. I guess ramai gak yg terkena. 

Thank God that saya bukan jenis mcm tu, kalau tak nak tu tak nak la, kau jgn nak paksa2 aku ya.  Really rimas tau, they keep on forcing you again and again and telling you that your skin have so much problem.  Saya nak kata skin saya ni smooth bagai putih telur tu tidak la, but so far i don't have any major problem, just dah umur nak dkt 40 ni i see my skin dah ada pigmentation, so i have to take extra care of my skin. Tapi to sign up sampai RM8,000 tu sungguh tak munasabah la.

Nak kata best sgt the facial tu idak la,  dia massage pun kejap sgt, like 2 minutes,  it's totally different kalau u pergi facial yg selalu kita pergi tu la,  ni main mcm asal boleh je. Well that's my experience.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Typeless Tuesday - at the playground

 I am very busy today,  so i don't have time to think what to write, but i still want to update my blog,  so enjoy the pictures of the kids while they were playing at the playground the other day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bday celebration with Apam Polkadot + Tempting shoes at Empire

 All kids will be excited to see these colorful apam polkadot right?  Mikhael call it Cake ball.  It looks like small ball,  sapa2 nak buat bday football theme you can ask for black & white apam polkadot.

 Look! he is so excited & asyik nyanyi lagu Happy Birthday. Ya, we celebrated again his bday on last Satuday at opah & atuk' house.

 Tengok si kecik tu pun excited.

 Ready to sing.


 Tapi bday boy merajuk sikit sbb mama tak kasi pegang apam tu, yala dia asyik pegang je, kalau dia punya je tak pe, ni semua dia nak ramas, sapa nak makan kalau mcm tu.

 Later we went to Empire, i heard that Tangs having a massive sale.  Mikhael tak de kan, ya dia tidur kepenatan, sampai kitorg balik pun dia tidur lagi, so senang, tak dela kes merajuk tak dpt ikut kan.

 Sampai tangs, i heard about shoes sale gila2, itu yg pergi tu. Yes yes i don't really crazy about shoes, tapi kenala beli gak kasut kan, last aku beli kasut tau bila? last 2 years, gila tak, crocs yg tahan tak de rosak langsung sampai skrg.  Well, aku mmg mencari higheels yg aku tengok semua org tengah in dok pakai skrg, pump shoes ke nama dia dah lama cari tapi asyik tak de size, almaklum size cinderella.

Org cakap kat tangs mesti ada size aku, yup ada, and they carry size 34 too, aku idakla kaki sekecik tu, i am wearing size 35 or 36, kiranya size 3 or 4 la.  

 If you crazy about shoes you better go to tangs, up to 70%, the shoes that i bought was RM190 and after less RM56, tak ke murah gila.  Happy sgt.

 And then kami jln2, nampak ada BMW show,  Aqil tengok ada car ni, dia nak cuba.  Harga car kecik ni RM400 - RM600.

 And jalan2 nampak atas & bawah ni. Yay my favourite shop is goin to open soon in Empire. Cotton On & Peacocks London.  Walaupun jauh dr Pavilion skrg, lega kat Empire dah ada mcm2 kedai yg best.  Just Isetan je jauh lagi.

Hello2 Isetan tak mau bukak ke kat area Subang ni,  I know Subang Parade & Empire dah tak de space, tapi Subang Parade tu I think can still extend, Tempat Landscape kat belakang Subang Parade masih kosong, muat utk Isetan tu.  :)

That's the end of our happening day on Saturday.


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