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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loreal Sale

31 October 2009 – One Day Only
L’Oreal Malaysia LPD Great Deals

Brands Offered



Shu Uemura

Ralph Lauren

Giorgio Armani


Guy Laroche

Time : 10am to 7pm


Cash & Visa / Master Card

Handbags, Pouches, Carrier Bags or any form of bags will NOT be allowed at the sale location

Goods sold are NOT returnable and are puchased at customers own risk

Goods purchase are limited to a maximum of 5 piece per item per customer


Plaza Ballroom

Lower Lobby

Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Sultan Ismail

Kuala Lumpur


Organized by L’Oreal Malaysia

I've been waiting for this sale for so long, tapi bila ada je 'tham', it's one day only and it's SATURDAY. Waaaaaaaaaaaa sure ramai org gilas
- yg sampai bertolak2 utk choose barang,
- yg sampai tak boleh nak pilih barang,
- yg sampai berebut-rebut
- yg akan Q panjang gila utk enter the ballroom
- yg akan Q panjang gila utk bayar

But kalau tak pergi rugi, it so damn cheap you know. I used to go everytime dia buat sale, sbb usually it was held for 3 days, friday, saturday & sunday. Tapi kali ni why la only one day. Usually 3 days pun ramai org, apatah lagi only one day and it's saturday di mana most people cuti, sure penuh mcm sardin. or adakah org takkan ramai sepertimana aku pergi Perfume sale kat subang jaya last few months, itu pun only one day, org tak ramai sbb takut H1N1, tapi skrg mcm org tak takut je dah kan.

so should i go or not???? nak beli lipstick, mascara, lips gloss, eyeshadow, perfume.


mummysyafie said...

gi je..bukan selalu leh ada sale gini kan

N A R said...

nanti kalau ada lagi hebahkan lagi yer... bleh gak nak join

ceritacherita said...

mummysyafie, hehehehe mmg patut pergi pun kan.

NAR, alright, any sale yg menarik i will update here.


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