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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seronok jugak jawab TAG sekali sekala

I got this tag from my friend Nurul.  Seronok jugak sekali sekala menjawab tag ni. Jom  tengok apa citer tag ni.

3 names in your message inbox
Maznah, My Collegue & My Boss.

your main ringtone
I'm Ready - Tevin Campbell.

what u did at 12 last night?
Kemas rumah serba sedikit.

who was the last person you went out with?where?
My hubby, dinner berdua at Q Bistro

the colour of t-shirt you're wearing now
 white with pink flowers.

the last thing you did
Goreng sausage for Aqil & Mikhael breakfast.

3 of your everyday favourite items
 Perfumes, Oil of Olay & Mascara

the colour of your bedroom
earth color.

how much money in your wallet now?
RM36 and few cents

how's life?
 Happy & Tired

your favourite song
From the Album of Dimensi Baru, Emosi, Warna & Lagenda from Sheila Majid

what will you do next weekend
Going out with my sister on Saturday & Going out with my hubby and kids on Sunday

when wast the last time you see your mum?
Last Saturday

where is she now?
Subang Jaya

when was the last time you talk to your parents?

who is the last person that talked with you last night?

the last surprise you got?
 Flowers from Aqil & Nokia from My Hubby.

last thing you borrowed from your friend?

Who is your bf/gf/husband/wife?
 My bed mate is Zul

what do you feel right now?
 Excited tunggu something to arrived.

wanna share with who?
 Later la

who know your secrect?
My bestest friend

they keep your secrect?
Sure Of course Yes

are you angry with someone?
Not at the moment

what do you order at Mc'D?
Lamanya dah tak makan kat MC D.  But kalau pergi,  My all time favourite is Big Mac. Oh miss you so much my dear Big Mac.

The last time you feel so sad?
 I can't remember, maybe because i don't want to think so much about it.

Mahu Tag?
 Sila la buat ya kalau rajin.

Che Ta
Yati Sawanila

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