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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Is it too late for me to wish Happy Mother's Day to all mommies in this world especially for my lovely readers who are mommies.  Rasanya lambat sikit tapi it still in May kan.

Well nak citer My Mother's Day celebration last week.  Aqil made flowers by himself at school and give it to me as a present for Mother's Day.  He hug me & say I love you Mama.  Eventhough teacher yg ajar tapi is so sweet of him.

Nak suruh dia pandang camera sambil pegang flower tu punyala susah.  Byk kali nak ambik gambar tapi still tak jadi.

Ha this the flowers. Cantikkan.

Later in the evening, me & my sister bought this cake & a card for my mom.  It just a simple celebration tapi very meaningful.

And the next day,  I got a present for Mother' Day.  Hip Hip Horay, present yg dah di ketahui nak beli, tapi i tak sangka pulak nak beli on Mother's Day, I thought next month.  Thank you very much to my dear hubby.


Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

Canteknyer munger yg Aqil buat. Sweet betul!

Hadiah mother's day yg Zul kasik tu...yg tu ker? Wahhh...cantek h/phone baru u tu baby!

ceritacherita said...

ha a itu la hadiahnya.


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