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Friday, March 4, 2011


 No, this is not on Sale, but i just pick some really nice stuff in Zara & MNG.  See this handbag,  in black & white, cantikkan. RM139, i was thinking of buying it, tgh fikir lagi ni.

Should i or no???

 And i pick this top.  Cantikkan.  Harga RM179 if i'm not mistaken la, tapi dr ingatan saya rasanya harga ni adalah betul.

 Together with this Nice shoes RM239.

 Comes in white too.

 Wedges, a bit pricey RM400++

 Then i move on to MNG and pick some mix & match yg for me sgt cantik.  This two dresses matching with the below handbag.  Nice kan?  The below dress is also comes in blue, red & brown.

 This one comes in black & brown too.  Harga RM200++.  I hope you guys happy coz dah lama tak de entry sale.  Next will be Mothercare Sale & Guess Sale.  Stay Tune.


1 comment:

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

Lamer dah tak shopping kasut nie....RINDU!


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