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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our date on Saturday with Lava at Secret Recipe

 Try this and you'll love it, it's their new dessert at secret recipe call Lava. Add on ice cream and it will cost you RM9.90.

 We ordered this amercian brownies as well but not to our liking la, too rich, mcm kenyal sgt.

 Tapi 2 budak ni suka sgt, berebut sapa nak dulu, tengok tangan tu kan.

 Tapi end up adik suap abang, so sweet kan.

 And this little boy yg finish most of it.

 Tapi end up tak de sapa pun larat habiskan.

The 3 boys.  Aqil kata dia sayang Thaqif lagi dr Mikhael, sbb Mikhael naughty suka rebut mainan dgn dia.  Hahahahah, yala Thaqif tu kecik lagi, tunggu dia besar, ha for sure sama2 rebut mainan.

Till we meet again in our next date on Saturday.


Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

cute betul Mikhael nie...sayang dia kat abang dia kan. Comey!

ceritacherita said...

sayang tu sayang, gaduh pun gaduh gak.


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