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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What so hot about UNIQLO?

 At last i manage to enter UNIQLO, fuuhhh, no more the crazy long q.  But what so hot about UNIQLO?  Well i didn't find any interesting baju in UNIQLO, maybe sbb baju2 dia more to teenagers.  Maybe this Flannel only that caught my eyes.

 And the jeans too, no more RM49.90 like they offered  for the grand opening before but it is RM99.90, and the quality of the jeans is very good.

 Other than that nothing much la, for those yg nak pergi negeri sejuk then okla, there's a lot of  baju sejuk yg mcm2 fashion kat sini,  cantik2 and murah2,  is not more than RM200.

 Tapi i mcm heranla, knp byk sgt baju sejuk yg di jual, penuh tau dlm kedai ni, mcm tak sesuai je dgn negara kita yg panas ni, buatla baju2 utk negara Malaysia yg beriklim panas ni, not only for those yg nak pergi negeri beriklim sejuk.

 I found one baju that i like RM39.90,  ada few colors.

Well kalau u naik tingkat 1 at Fahrenheit go to this shop call Mirrorcle,  they have a lots of baju  yg cantik2, lebih kurang mcm baju from korea tu la, and it's cheap, semua baju is RM50 and below.

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