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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a bling-bling nite or red nite? Merry Xmas everyone

 It suppose to be a bling-bling2 nite for our Xmas party,  ramai pun yg pakai bling2,  tapi bila tengok gambar2 ni semua i think it's a red nite.

 Me & Ilyia, at the office, before we move to our party place.

 Us at 21 Bangsar,  dah lama tak pergi tempat happening, terasa mcm lain je mula2, tapi lepas tu ala2 mcm tak mau balik pulak.  :)

 It's at nite ya, but because of the flash thigy it looks like di siang hari.

 There is a performance by Poetic Amo (sorry if the spelling is wrong)  if i'm not mistaken.

 Dah lama tak tengok your's truly?  Org kalau kat blog dia, sure byk gambar dia kan, aku ni susah sikit nak di lihat sbbnya usually i'm the cameraman.  I know I know don't say anything yay, the words G i know, since dah pindah office baru tak lagi berjln jauh, pergi balik, berantar berambik, maka i am getting the more G.

 Me & my collegue had performance too.

 we won 2nd place you know.

Hopefully we can get bonus this year, you see the banner, permintaan secara tak sengaja.

Happy holiday & Merry Xmas everyone

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