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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Isetan Sale -Guess? Pumpkin Patch and many more

 Yay esok public holiday, apa lagi bolehla pergi isetan, dia ada 5 days special for members.  start last monday, so esok la last.  Sapa suka kemeja, cultivation byk sgt kemeja cantik2.

 Guess handbag yg ni tak de sale, new arrival, tapi sweet kan.

 Wallet ada 40% discount, tapi aku mcm dah serik nak beli wallet guess la, the other day i bought time sale, end up the next day sudah koyak sana sini, dia mcm dah reput, i guess stock terlalu lama and terperap, benda bila tak guna terlalu lama mmg akan reput.

 evening bag, cantikkan, that one in red color, tapi bila ambik gambar dia jadi mcm tak berapa nak red kan.

 ha ada guess handbag yg 50% off, byk.

 Pumpkin Patch, up to 50%.

I really love this dress from pumpkin patch, how i wish i have daughter right now.

So if you are really want to burst out your "bonus" (for those who get bonus la kan), go to any shopping complex right now, semua tgh sale. Oh in my dream.


Mummy Zara Sofea said...

tq for sharing dear..

ceritacherita said...

mummy zara sofea,
no problem, anytime.


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