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Friday, December 10, 2010

Sepang Golden Palm Tree - Marvelous Vacation

 Tell me that i am far away left behind, mmg pun. I just know this place when i was google a location for our next vacation yg tak tau bila, tak plan lagi, kita browse dulu tempat2 yg menarik.  When i look at this place Gosh! is so beautiful, i didn't know that Sepang can be like this.

 Kalau rasa nak sgt gi vacation and tak larat nak pergi  jauh for people who lives in KL or Selangor la kan, you defenitely can go here. Beautiful.

 Did i tell you, It's beautiful, lagak mcm dah pernah pergi kan, tak caya go and google for Sepang Golden Palm Tree, you will keep saying Wow oh Wow this place is so gorgeous.  Harga pun mmg gorgeous and marvelous, but we still can get good price thru internet.

 Do you guys believe it's in Sepang?  I still can't.

Will this be my next vacation?,  for me to think about it, for you to find out. HAPPY HOLIDAY ALL, It's weekends sure ada yg dah sampai ke desitinasi percutian kan.

P/s - Pictures are all google.


Che Ta said...

been there masa tgh construction last 2 years rasanya
harap2 dah siap tu secantik gambarnya
tp kan kaler air tak dapek la nk nolongggg hahahaa

ceritacherita said...

che ta,
color i tak cantik ya. hehehhehe


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