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Friday, December 3, 2010

Aqil play school & red velvet cake

 Tomorrow will be Aqil last day at his playschool and next year he will be going to Kindergarten,  i keep on remining him that after this he has to go to school everyday not only on Saturday.  He keep asking me, mama ikut sekali tak?  No, mama has to work dear, and he said no, i want you to follow me to school everyday.  Huhuhu.  Mmmm hopefully he will be ok at his everyday school.

 He enjoys art & craft very much.  Thinking of sending him to art & craft class.

 Anyway tiba2 lompat ke cake pulak, hahahah lately ni entry aku bercampur aduk, tak pela biar meriah kan.  As you guys know i love cake very much, kalau boleh mmg hari2 nak makan cake, tapi cake yg paling disukai sudah tentu Chocolate Cake,  but i am open to try any cake yg org kata sedap,  as long as it is not durian cakes.  So the other day i read iza's blog and she wrote about red velvet cake from Just Heavenly,  dah dkt office aku ni pun ada , so mmg nak sgt2 mencuba.  That's it rozana, u tak suka red velvet kan, so don't ever try again,  well for me this red velvet cake is so dry, tak best,  tak mcm kat whisk,  eventhough i'm not a fan of red velvet cake, tp kat whisk mmg sedap, is so moist.

Well, itu cakap dari bukan die hard fan of red velvet cake,  for those who love red velvet cake, u should give it a try.


Che Ta said...

i blom try the whisk punya but i suka sgt yg just heavenly punya.
u beli kat mana? i blom try yg kat pavi..
i tried coffe bean red velvet cupcake - only taste good when eaten with the cream. kalau dia saja rasa dry sket.

ceritacherita said...

i beli kt bsc, kt sana pun ada heavenly, i think rasa dry sbb i ambik cream tu sikit je. U should try kt whisk mmg sdp menawan walaupun i bukan fan red velvet. Teringin nak try choc cake from whisk, x pernah baca anyone blog about it

Che Ta said...

i dun try the cupcake but the real red velvet cake..mmg sedap
hari tu pegi empire my hubby tanak pi whisk.. sbb dia dah suka JH punya.. so cam dah jatuh chenta and so convinced that takkan ada yg lain lagi sedap hahha buleh??


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