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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nasi Beriyani for Aidiladha, What's yours?

 My mom said that we are going to have nasi beriyani for Aidiladha.  I am so looking forward to have nasi beriyani and

this ayam masak merah.  so damn delicious kan.  I am a very "kuat makan" person, so if there is any event for "makan-makan", i am so looking forward to it.

 Don't forget to put the dalca in the list as well, it mix very well with nasi beriyani.

I hope to get this too, ketupat palas, my favourite rather than lemang or ketupat nasi.

And of course a must for raya, rendang tok.  But i feel sad that Aidiladha nowdays is not as vibrant as before.  In my childhood time,  i am so looking forward for Aidiladha too.  I just hope that Aidiladha will be celebrated as glorious as before.  2 days of public holiday perhaps.  Hehehehehe.

So what's your dishes for Aidiladha?  Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all my lovely readers. 

P/S - Love Mothercare?  They are having sale right now, Wait for my detail entry on the sale right after Aidiladha. Stay tune.  It's shopping time.

pss- pictures are all google

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