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Thursday, November 25, 2010

LV - Alma

 At first i wanted to have this.  Nice kan in red color.  Woohooo. Berangan!!!

But suddenly when i saw someone wearing this on last raya haji, i think this color is really gorgeous rather than the red want.  So i want this instead the red one.  Berangan lagi.

But when i google the LV - Alma image i saw this one,  and think this one is more gorgeous among the other two.  So i want to get this instead.  Hahahah Berangan lagi.  But this one i think limited edition right and it's no more in the market,  sorry if i'm wrong,  i'm not really sure about LV as i can't afford to buy it yet.  But soon i work on it baby, and one day i'm sure LV gonna be mine.

Happy handbags to all handbags-holic

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