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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coach & Christmas at Empire

 I check keywords and i found out someonce is looking for Coach at Empire Subang.  Well, dear, Coach is not open yet at Empire Subang.

 But it will open soon,  date completion stated there is 15/12/2010.  So most probably they will open after that date i guess.  Stay tune org2 Subang, PJ, Shah Alam .... Coach will be coming next  to you, no need to go to KL anymore right.

And Xmas is coming to town,  Cantikkan diorng hias ni, mmg terasa mcm penuh dgn snow.  There's a train that you can ride too.

 Mommies can follow your kids too, don't worry. It is only RM2 per ride.  Adala dlm 3/4 pusingan dia buat.

And my handsome boy ride it on his own. dah besarkan nampak dia dlm gambar ni, and he look exactly like me, don't you think so?


Adrina Adi said...

kat empire ke ni?

lama tak gi situ.

balik2 subang parade. haha. susah nak berpisah dgn subang parade. hihi.

ceritacherita said...

baby pun sama prefer subang parade lagi, mmg dah lama sgt tak gi empire, sekali pergi hari tu dah makin meriahla kat sana. dah byk kedai yg di buka. indoor slide tu pun dah bukak, wait for my entry on that esok lusa.

Che Ta said...

owh dah buka eh? last week ku pegi masih under construction


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