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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's been 6 years & 10 years

It's all happening in the same year & same month, What a coincident, tak pernah plan pun, it just happened.  I already stay in my current house for 6 years, and all of these renovation pictures is my new house, i will move to my new house very-very soon, once all the renovation is completed.  For sure adalah sedih nak meninggalkan the current house yg dah kami live together for 6 years, Aqil & Mikhael dari baby kat sana, so betul2 memory.  Tapi hijrah itu satu pengorbanankan. Of course we will get use to the new house soon,  and I am very excited to move to our new house.

And another pulak dah 10 years i am with this company, and the environment of golden triangle and skrg we already move the new place.  All of these picture was on last Sunday,  which is the launch of our new office. Dari pagi we had breakfast together & sampai ke tengahari we had lunch together pulak at different restaurant.

 Yummy tau ni, rasa nak lagi.

 Me with some of my collegue

  10/10/10 at 10 o'clock and 10 minutes and 10 seconds the office door is open for us.  This is the new environment, cantikkan?

My new work place.  I still miss my old work place, everyone here too, but sure we will get use to it sooner or later.  So same year, some month aku terpaksa bersedih kerana terpaksa meninggalkan 2 tempat yg full of memory towards my life.

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