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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lion Dance + Lunch + Cake + Card

Yesterday was the last day of CNY ya,  kalau salah tolong betulkan.  So there was Lion Dance at my office.  Mmg meriah, aku suka Lion Dance ni. Dong Dong Cheng! Dong Dong Cheng!

 Dia round the whole office.

 Bunyi mmg bisingla, tapi for me it was fun. Ini la keunikkan Malaysia, mcm2 budaya ada kan.

 After habis Lion Dance, apa lagi time for Yeee Sang.

 And a very sedap lunch.

 And lucky me it was my birthday too yesterday, so diorng kasi celebrate sekali.  Meriah.

 And I got 2 lovely cards, this one from my collegue.

And this one from the very big boss, huhuhu terkejut aku.

Thanks guys for the lovely cake, card & pressie.


Suria said...

Ana, happy belated birthday to blog you ni, mcm2 info ada. Nanti i balik for gud boleh la i browse tempat2 ni dgn you.

ceritacherita said...

Thanks for reading my blog & thanks for the wish.


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