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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MNG Sale

I went to MNG yesterday as promised. Of course i was excited nak tengok apa yg menarik, especially speedy handbag tu. tapi alahai rasanya dah habis kena kautla during the weekends. Tingal handbag yg tak menarik je.

Baju mostly baby t mmg byk la, tapi blouse tak de yg menarikla. Tapi dress byk gak yg menarik. Mcm this above picture RM59 and above.

This one pulak RM79 and above.

This dress pulak RM99 after discount.

This blouse sgtla cantik, actual price was RM255, ada 50% discount.

Long sleeve baby t RM29.

Cardigan with lots of colors RM69.

Wallet merah tu RM79, wallet black & cream wallet RM59.

Jeans ada 50%.

Overall for me tak la best sgt baju2 kali ni, maybe sbb aku dah gemuk, blouse2 yg menarik maybe dah kena kebas weekends hari tu. Termasukla handbag speedy itu. hehehehe

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