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Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Toilet Train Your Toddler

Aqil dah 3 years ++ tapi still tak lepas2 toilet train. I tried to train him during weekends, tapi bila on monday tak buat, so lupa. Reason tak buat because the babysitter tak berapa sihat, kaki dia sakit, so nak bangun bawak aqil pergi toilet every 1 - 2 hours dia tak larat. Should i take leave for few days to train him? How many days usually to toilet train toddler ya?

Here are some tips that i found in internet. Any other tips yg korang boleh share with me?

Step 1 - Assess your toddler's readiness for toilet training. Ask yourself these questions: Does your toddler follow simple instructions? Dislike having a soiled diaper? Know words for stool and urine? Sit for 5 minutes or more attending to a project? Understand the physical signals indicating the presence of urine or stool? Have dry periods for 2 hours or longer? Wake up dry from naps? These are all good indications that you can start introducing your toddler to the potty.

Step 2 - Buy a potty or toilet seat. Choose one that will suit the needs and preferences of both you and your toddler. Do you want one you can take with you anywhere? Do you want one that will rest safely on public toilets? Do you want one that makes music? Don't be surprised if your child doesn't agree with the one you think is right.

Step 3 - If you feel comfortable, have your child sit on his potty with clothes on while you, your spouse, or another person of the same sex as your child goes to the bathroom. Don't try to restrain your child or force him or her to sit down. If your toddler shows extreme fear or disdain for the potty, put it away and try again, or let your child explore the toilet seat independently.

Step 4 - Sit your child on the toilet seat without a diaper when he or she shows no signs of fear. Explain to your child what is supposed to happen on the potty. Don't be surprised if nothing happens for a long time. After two-plus years of passing urine and stool in a diaper, change will come slowly.

Step 5 - Create a toilet routine. Following a routine will set up your child for success. Place your toddler on the toilet at specific times of day - first thing in the morning, right before or after a nap, and right before bed.

Step 6 - Be patient. Some children become urine-trained before becoming stool-trained. Other children wet the bed up to age 7 or 8. All children develop and accept change differently.


adikmanje said...

BB..eisya kat umah ok..mati-matian tak mo pakai dyper kecuali time nak po-po je...tapi bila gi nursery...matian pulak dia nak pakai dyper..katanya nanti cigu payah kan...cigu pulak yang malas....dah tanya pun derang jawab kat sini pakai lagi...sakit ati+geram je adik ni...

ceritacherita said...

bagusla eisya sendiri tak nak pakai dyper, tapi tula nursery pulak malas. mmmm.

Aqil maybe baru nak start kut, smlm dia mintak baby belikan spender gambar ultraman, power rangers. hehehehe, jgn pulak kang dia ingat spender mcm dyper pulak.

Kaseh NazLieza said...

mcm2 alahai hal ank2 kiter ni kan...tu lah kak...ntah nape my baby asyik nk bjaga smlm...klu hr2 mcm ni...hbzla mama papa, kembali mngzombikan dri...

akk..u follow my story..i pon nk follow story u la...

ceritacherita said...

kaseh nazlieza,
budak2 nak membesar sbb tu asyik lapar je. nak buat camne kan, kadang mmg hilang sabar.

thank you for reading my blog.

lin said...



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