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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Latest Guess handbag lagi & my sedap gila kuew teow

 Latest guess handbag in April 2011. Since i still get keywords searching for guess handbag almost everyday, so here you go guys.  I love the design this time, cantik2.

 You must go and see the wallet, cantik sgt.

 Price wise, mcm biasa - RM300 ++ - 500.

 and i went to Citrus Bangsar Village last Tuesday with my fren nurul, tapi sibuk makan gossip last2 lupa nak ambik gambar each other.  Very nice place Citrus ni, the place not so big, but the design simple & nice.

The kuew teow goreng la nak citer sgt ni, super marvelous.  Huhuhu rasa nak lagi nya.  Jom Nurul kita pergi lagi nanti.

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