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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy with accessories?

I never ever crazy about accessories. I only wear my wedding rings, that's all.  But just now after I had my lunch with my collegues we decided to walk around in BSC la as usual, but dah everyday sama je kan, we decided to have a look at accessories shop that we never ever go in before, dah tak tau nak masuk kedai apa dah.  Out of sudden i become really crazy about accessories, they are so nice.

Mcm kat atas tu lebih kurangla design, harga RM700 kat bsc babes, huhuhu tertelan air liur  mendengarnya.  Thank God as i browse over fashion valet, i saw this.  Cantik tak kalau pakai dgn baju kurung?  Beli baju kurung yg kain dia plain, tak payah nak jahit labucci, just put this on. What do you think? 

 And this earing cantiknya kan, i never feel that i look nice when wearing earings, i always feel that i look weird when wear earings, tapi cuba2 tadi kat bsc, eh cantikla pulak, ke perasan?

Well i guess, selain dari handbag lepas ni i am going to stock up my wardrobe, gobok, laci with more accessories.

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