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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What a memory - Welcome 2011

 We already move to our new house,  by seeing all these boxes it reminds me a lot about our old house.  And as i am writting this along, there's a tears in my eyes.  There are a lots of memories there that very dear to us. Berat sgt hati nak melangkah pergi, even Aqil pun tanya, mama knp rumah kita sepah,  saja je kemas i told him.  Then dia cakap no la, kita nak pindah kan mama, aqil suka rumah kita sekarang, knp nak pindah?  At that moment lagi la rasa sedih sgt, tiba2 rasa knp la kami nak pindah ni?  But of course we need a change kan.

 Well, i guess we gonna be ok soon,  just it will takes sometime.

 This view, adoi sedihnya rasa, no more view of this.  Dulu bukak je tingkap from my room or from our living room, terus nampak the whole KL,  now bukak2 je tingkap nampak rumah org keliling.  Oh mmg rasa different sgt, rasa sunyi. Dulu sampai ke pagi tetap rasa meriah because we can see KL.  Oh i really miss this view.

 And this is the new beginning for us, New year and New house.  Harap2 will bring more happiness & prosperities to us.  Insyallah.

Rumah masih lagi byk kotak2 yg belum di unpack, penat wooo pindah ni.  Dengan perasaan sedihnya lagi, right now all of us perasaan tu bercampur aduk, kejap excited kejap sedih.  Anyway kasi tunjuk kawasan rumah sikit2 je dulu.

P/S - Sorry for the silent for few days,  pindah rumah la.  Now I am back on track.  Happy New Year semua.

1 comment:

mama_QnR said...

new year, new home, you will make new memories
you will always treasure the memories you have made in the previous place, nothing can take that away from you...
new chapters to be written will soon be memorable as well!

may you have a blessed year ahead...


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