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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aqil go to school, Mikhael go to nursery

 This is on 1st day Aqil at school,  mama tunggu kejap je, by 10 am mama pun balik,tengok dia ok je.

 Mikhael yg sibuk nak tengok apa abang dia buat,  Mikhael pun sama at the same place, but he is kat downstairs, downstairs tempat day care, atas school. so once aqil finish his school dia pun turunla ke bawah utk day care, while mikhael day care jela, dia tak pergi school lagi.  Tak ramai in his class, ada 10 org. bagusla senang cikgu concentrate on them kan.

Mikhael sibuk main dgn budak2 kat nursery, this is my first time sending my children to nursery.  Before this my SIL yg jaga, since we all dah pindah jauh from my SIL so no choice. Hopefully everything is ok for them.

So far Aqil is so happy to go to school, sampai this morning i told him that tomorow is your last day at school for this week, and then cuti 2 hari.  And he said ala mama i want to go to school, tak mau cuti. Oh that is a good sign, Alhamdulillah. While Mikhael pulak asal hantar je mesti nangis, tapi yg kelakarnya, dia nangis tapi terus pergi kat org yg jaga tu and sit oh her lap, tak dela dia tarik mama ke tak kasi gi work.

Well hopefully everything will go smoothly for us, we are in the middle try to be comfortable with our new environment.


juelee said...


vote for my krabi trip please

ceritacherita said...

alright no problem, will vote for you.

Adrina Adi said...

everything will be fine. insyaAllah.

ceritacherita said...

ed, insyallah, takut gak bila tukar tempat ni kan.


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