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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mattel Warehouse Sale coming again

 My 2 little munchkin are crazy about a hat right now,  tak kirala topi mcmana pun,  mmg la suka nak pakai.

 Masa kat cotton on, diorng sibukla pakai topi ni, yg kenit ni sampai nangis2 tak mau tanggalkan.  When we went there I manage to grab RM10 tshirt, if you're lucky maybe you can get one too, they are not having a really sale, but i think they do little clearance.

 And their bday are coming very soon,  Aqil is in April & Mikhael is in May.  Of course they will be very happy kalau dpt present toys kan, and right on time, the Mattle Warehouse Sale is coming again to town.  Weee Hooo.  From the last time sale it's always offers good one.

 Well, my sweet little nephew that suppose to call me Wan Ana (kami org perak),  but he prefers to call me Mama, of course should get something from the Mattle Warehouse Sale right

So I have a very good reason to go to this sale ! Ehem. (Dear Mr. Hubby.........)  When?  See Below:

23-24 March 2012

Brands Offered
Hot Wheels
Fisher Price
and other Mattel brands
10am – 6pm (Friday)
10am – 5pm (Saturday)
1st Floor
Menara Lien Ho
Persiaran Tropicana Golf Resort
47410 Petaling Jaya

It's time to save some of your salary for this.  Happy Weekends & Happy Shopping!

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