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Friday, December 2, 2011

Johor Premium Outlet

 I read about this opening from so terus terjah website dia  gosh it look like it's going to be very interesting.    Oh nak perginya.

 Sneak Preview starts today,  Grand Opening 11 Dec and that day i will be going to Spore, woots woots adakah sempat nak singgah Johor utk ke Outlet ni.    Rasanya tak sempat, waaaaaaaaa. it's a short visit co. hantar,  it's goin to be one day only.  So nampaknya kenala plan utk pergi di lain masa.  Ada sesapa boleh kasi review camne outlet ni?

Can't wait! Can't wait


CHeeSYaNa said...

from what i heard from my cousin, sgt best sbb mmg byk discount, even item2 tu bukan yg new arrival.. tp boleh ler.. gonna visit it this week sbb tempat ni just 15minutes drive from my mom's house:)

ceritacherita said...

hi cheesyana,

oh bestnya u nak pergi this week. Bila la i dpt gi.


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