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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Glam Rock Party at Singapore

 It was a really kelam kabut day for us, we reached Singapore at 5.30, late 2 hours due to some circumstances, sampai2 je terus check in and masuk bilik, mandi and get ready for Glam Rock Party at Hard Rock.

 We stay at Grand Hyatt Spore, very spacious room & sgt cantik.  And the food is all Halal.

 The bathroom pun sgt2 luas. Best. Tak sempat nak berendam though.

 My glam rock outfit.  Hehehehehe.  Ingat kut boleh menang best dress which is 300 Sing Dollar, bolehla buat shopping the next day, tapi tak de rezeki.

 All of us depan Hard Rock Singapore to register.  Hahahah kena register ke? Takla actually, is actually for some door gift from our co and to check the table setting. The whole inside Hard Rock is for us that night.

 Tengah beratur sempat lagi.

 Party almost to start.

 Dah masuk register kena ambik gambar depan ni ala2 artis uolss lepas jln kat red carpet. Ini utk pilih the best dress, cantik kan baju i. hahahahha.

The party finished at 1 am,  ni ambik gambar dkt2 situ, kali ni sorry tak byk sgt gambar sbb penat sgt, it's too pack and rushing.  Best tempat hard rock ni surrounding by water.

Ada lagi citer,  to be continue, tunggu...............

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