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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Which HANDBAGS should i choose?

 This is not a designer handbags, but i just love the design.  But can you guys please help me which one should i choose.  The above brown handbag caught my eyes first.  Tapi rasa mcm besar sgt, because i would like to sling the bag.

Then tengok this pink color pulak, terus terasa nak,  lagipun tak de pink color, tapi tengok brown teringat2 pulak. Huhuhuhu. Make up your mind please!!!.

 Click lagi & lagi & lagi, ha dah byk pulak yg suka.  Yellow ni pun cantikkan???  The below one semua same design, just color je lain2.

Should i choose semua?  hahahaha melampaula kan.  Guys please help me.  I got it from here Mira Butik

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