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Friday, April 13, 2012

Vincci & Charles & Keith Shoes

 It's been a very long time i didn't go to Vincci,  Last tuesday i found this at Vincci, wow very the cantik.  Check this out.

 My Favourite on the day, from Vincci.  Price range 90 - 100.

 And caught this at Charles & Keith.

My favourite for the day at C & K.  RM149.

Happy hunting shoes this weekends guys.


syanasaid said...

suka Vincci dr zaman study lagi
tp da keje ni mcm rse makin mahal plak vinggi ni

Ct R Miena said...

yup.. dulu2 vinci xmahal lg kn??? skrg ni.. hehehhe semua pun makin mahal... cuma vinci design simple tapi cantikkk, i like...

Anonymous said...

Ha a dulu vinccila yg paling murah & cantik.


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