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Friday, September 30, 2011

Laser Tag at Midvalley

 Last friday we had a competition of Laser Tag at Midvalley.  We got 1/2 day off, so nicekan my company.

 The price is a bit expensive utk gamekan.

 It was my first time there, but i didn't play actually, just being a supporters to my team.

 Baru reti nak duduk elok2kan. ahaks.

 Before the game mestila diberitahu cara2 nak bermain & guna the suits tu camne.

 This is the place, very dark, kalau u guys nak pergi main, better pakai baju hitamla, so your other friend can't easily spots you.

 And the battle begin.

 Some of the people yg main hari tu, rasa rugi pulak tak main on that day, maybe kita boleh buat acara mcm ni pulak dear all my friends when we go out, asyik gi karaoke je kan.

Happy Friday uolss.

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